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injection molding machine-HS-788

injection molding machine-HS-788->>Haishi Machinery

● Excellent molding stability

The servo driving system has its pressure and flow under closed loop control; and compared with traditional injection molders, its molding repetition precision is improved substantially

● Constant oil temperature

The servo motor output hydraulic oil proportionately to prevent excessive heat. It can achieve substantial water saving even without cooling.

● Rapid response

The servo driver features rapid response whose rapid starting time is improved by 50% compared with traditional injection.

● Substantial energy saving

Under the same conditions, it can save 20%-80% energy compared with traditional constant delivery pump injection molders.

● High performance environmental protection

The complete machine features low operating noise, and even quieter during low-speed operation

Technical parameters of the one-piece machine
 说明        DESCRPTION UNIT HS-788
 国际公认型号    INTnternational Szize Rating   5820
 注射装置      Injection Unit   A B C D
 螺杆直径      Screw Diameter mm 90 95 105 110
 螺杆长径比     Screw L/D Ratio L/D 23 21 20 18.5
 理论注射容积    Theoretical shot volume cm³ 2990 3331 4070 4467
 注射重量      Shot Weight(PS) g 2721 3032 3703 4065
 注射压力      Injection Pressure Mpa 194 174 143 130
 螺杆转速      Max.screw speed rpm 110
 锁模系统      Clamping Unit    
 锁模力       Clamping Forec KN 8000
 开模行程      Opening Stroke mm 950
 拉杆内间距     Distance Between Tie-bars mm 980×950
 最大模厚      Max.mold Height mm 960
 最小模厚      Min.mold Height mm 400
 顶出行程      Ejector Stroke mm 280
 顶出力       Ejector Force KN 210
 其它         Others    
 电马达功率     Drive power KW 37+37
 电热功率      Heating capacity KW 54.3
 外形尺寸      Machine Dimensions m 11.43×2.40×3.14
 机器重量      Machine Weight t 42
Template dimensions
Clamping part

Haishi creates independently the box type high rigidity mold structure for the clamping part; the clamping support guide rail adopts the high rigidity design to reduce the deformation effectively; the toggle structure optimized and designed with computer achieves exceptionally stable and rapid clamping; and the enlarged mold thickness, the gear mold regulation unit and the internally installed mechanical safety lock as well as the 180-degree rotary product blanking bucket, all help achieve your individual demands and make your operation easier!

● The original box type high rigidity template with template’s small template deformation and pull rod’s long service life can ensure the performance of die assembly.

● The internally-installed cascade mechanical safety lock will not be influenced by the mold thickness deformation, and the mechanical locking bar has been changed from the traditional compressive type to the tension type, so it is convenient and reliable in use.

● The gear mold regulation unit can regulate mold precisely and with good synchronism.

● The clamping support guide rail uses joist steel structure with high rigidity in order to lower the deformation of the rack.

● The toggle structure optimized and designed with the computer program, cooperating with the regulation of 4 stages and flow during opening and clamping mold of the controller, in order to achieve exceptionally stable and rapid clamping.

● Rotary product blanking bucket can adapt to the workshops and products can be taken out from different places.

● The differential motion clamping unit can improve the mold transferring speed and productivity substantially.

● Ejector pin adjustable unit

Injection unit

● Double cylinder injection: it overcomes the weakness of the traditional non-synchronous injection motion and great inertia, makes the injection and transferring motion more stable and improves the injection precision up to 98.75%.

● The folding type swabbing and injection oil cylinder: it is more compact than the traditional double cylinder structure with reasonable energy consumption allocation./p>

● The ship type bridge guide rail: the injection and transferring adopts the ship type bridge guide rail design with low noise and smooth travel; it is suitable for high speed application; and it can maintain the precision for a long time featuring high locating precision and good repeatability.

● Oil seal: it uses non-rotary sealing technique to prevent leaking.

● The regulation unit at the center of the nozzle: it regulates the nozzle center more conveniently and accurately.

● The rigid connection between injection motion and control valve, in order to lower the fluctuation of the fluid and improve the injection precision.

Hydraulic unit

The oil way design of big bore under no resistance can lower the oil way loss and noise; it uses the advanced configuration, the servo control system, so it features energy saving capacity up to 20-80% and can achieve zero back pressure glue-smelting with plasticizing capacity and plasticizing effect improved by 60% compared with the traditional machine; and it uses a high density filtering unit in order to control the greasy dirt at NASB-9.

● The advanced configuration, the servo system, can save energy up to 20-80%.

● It uses the high pressure filter screen in order to control the greasy dirt at NASB8-9.

● 60 um filter screen has a super strong capacity of receiving pollutant which can be replaced easily.

● The zero back pressure glue-smelting unit improves plasticizing effect and plasticizing capacity by 60% compared with common molders.

● According to the fluid simulation analysis, the design of optimized oil way can achieve a large bore and non-resistance, so its pipeline loss is more than 10% lower than the traditional design and its overall unit noise is more than 6 db lower.

● The new type of oil tank design is in favor of air’s separation, in order to ensure good operation of the servo system, and it is convenient for cleaning.

Electric control unit

The whole control system of the injection molder features powerful function and stable performance with high speed response. The controller is a new type of controller which is co-developed with a renowned injection molder computer supplier under the hosting of the professional and technical personnel of our company. It uses high speed stable DSP technique, combining with 16 bit high speed analog quantity input, in order to achieve more precise data detection box control; its display uses high resolution LCD display, featuring advantages far above the common computers.

● High resolution color TFT LCD display

● Internally installed multiple language choice

● The operation interface of Windows style has the function of a oscilloscope which can display the injection speed and the pressure maintaining pressure curve

● 16 bit high speed AD to make the position measurement of electronic ruler more accurate

● The internally installed lntel 400 MHz high speed CPU control system can achieve high speed response

● The 64M RAM system memory for preservation of different sets of mold data

● It has MMC/SD card port for convenient copying or storage of data.

● The production data recording and monitoring function for the convenience of technical adjustment

● It is equipped the with mechanical arm electrical interface which can be used to match the special mechanical arms for the injection molders from home and abroad.

Our advantage

It is a perfect injection molder for most components, thin-wall and thick-wall injection molding as well as many standard applications. A wide range of standard functions and multiple options can meet all kinds of your needs. Moreover, our veteran Haishi technicians devote themselves to meeting the special demands of the customers every day. High-quality Haishi injection molder features super low maintenance ratio, which can improve the productivity of the user substantially.

●Exceptionally high precision and long service life.

The knuckle joint high speed clamping mechanism of the optimal design lowers the pressure stress at the joint, to ensure the exceptionally high precision and long service life of the machine.

●Neutron/ height-adjustable camper control

Flexible neutron programming control and independent hydraulic pump station to supply power.

●Extra-wide template design and larger mold scope

The high capacity and wide template design satisfies the scope of the customers’ choices of the mold to the maximum limit.

●High quality system central lubrication

High performance thin oil central lubrication, moving parts wearing lowered sharply and locating precision of mold kept for a long time.

●Convenient product delivery

Take out plastic products from different places and use the equipment space efficiently, so it is suitable for the installation of different

●kinds of conveying equipment.

Mobile waste oil cleaning tray makes it convenient to clean the waste oil in the die assembling area.

●High-end controller

Use high performance full computer special controller with large window, color display and complete functions.

Service is everywhere – our eternal belief.

Service runs through the processes of the whole core business of Haishi as well as equipment manufacturing and marketing. It is required by the market competition that added value should be provided and that the customer service also becomes more important. Haishi’s service is comprehensive from the beginning to the end in order to provide complete pre-sale consultation, sales support and after-sale services. No matter how long your machine is used, all users of Haishi will enjoy our lifetime maintenance service.

● Dedicated technical team:The technical team of Haishi Co. has enjoyed a good reputation in the injection molder industry for more than 20 years: we don’t only develop and manufacture machinery meeting the market needs, but lead the customers to the more efficient, energy-saving and high quality realm through our abundant technical foundation.

● General information center:The core business of Haishi technical team is to help the customers overcome difficulties of injection molding; and to provide comprehensive suggestions and solutions. We analyze the difficulties of a project in an all-round way for the customers and recommend machinery meeting the requirements of the project. The whole proposal gives consideration to economical efficiency, precision and high efficiency as well as the development tendency of the future market, so the customers can order according to their purchasing power and actual demand.

● Timely after-sale service:Haishi owns a modern management system; and we will notify our cooperating agents and the service staff on the first line of a service request as soon as possible, and they will arrive at the site to solve the problem without delay.

● Complete training project:Each cooperating agents of Haishi injection molders will provide complete training services for our customers, in order to help them know more about our machine as well as their proper operation and maintenance. The senior engineers from the HQ of Haishi will also pay visits to our users regularly, make good investigation on the use of the customers and update the machine according to the feedbacks from the customers, in order to make our machine more adapting to the requirements of the customers.

● Timely global distribution:The level of after-sale service depends on the supply speed of parts; and Haishi offer the service 7 days each week and 24 hours each day. Our HQ and cooperating agents all have sufficient inventory of regular parts; for special parts, we receive the order on the same day and distribute them without delay, in order to help the customers resume production as soon as possible.

Innovative mechanical design, humanized control and good mechanical performance

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