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Stone molding machine, the successful completion of the 2016 full-year production target

   OF:Comprehensive office


On December 31, 2016, the sun is shining, close to 2017 New Year's footsteps getting closer, as to the shipping company shipment time is coming, stone molding machine working overtime, for American customers in ocean production four American standard high quality injection molding machine, this is the 4th batch of order 2016, through the use of the first three batch effect, the guest very pleased with the quality of the stone machine, this batch of 4 injection molding machine direct all your order, this is the customer trust and affirmation of stone machine, the company all staff for encouraging, stone molding machine every employee make persistent efforts, carries forward the spirit, with more excellent products customers return to our trust, to export the complete sets of equipment made in China.

The stone brand injection molding machine ready

The stone brand injection molding machine to the container

The port of discharge: Tampa port in the United States

The first container loaded smoothly

Fasten the customs seal

Start the second container

Two stone brand injection molding machine has been installed

Accompanying the goods have already been installed

Close the door of container

The second container has been packed and ready to go