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Stone brand injection molding machine exports to the European Union CE quality certification certification

   OF: Comprehensive office


    In 2016, the stone on the molding machine and a new level, with excellent quality, high security, high cost performance won the American California Asia machinery sales company, through the customer to stone machines in ningbo factory on-the-spot investigation, the international standard of professional testing, stone molding machine with excellent performance. After the first prototype arrived in the United States, after the user is very satisfied, in August 2016, the second order again to the stone molding machine factory, in September 2016, Pennsylvania clients, who were once again to order stone machine.

    Can successfully open the high-end market, thanks to stone machine have long insisted on quality first, innovation and development business philosophy, stone machine have positive response national reform of the supply side, adhere to the spirit, the production each product like forging art, trying to put the product into: safety, precision, energy efficient, fast, humanization, low maintenance rate, good cost-effective products, let the global customer more like "made in China", win honor for our "made in China".