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It’s a professional manufacturer and exporter of injection molding machines. Haishi injection molding machine has become quite popular in the global market with its durable and low maintenance rate; it has passed the CE Certification. The high-level accessories make it safe, fast and energy-saving. The High-level engineers offer convenient pre and after sales service.  Welcome to cooperate with us, making the most satisfactory gains with the reasonable price.

Our advantage

It is a perfect injection molder for most components, thin-wall and thick-wall injection molding as well as many standard applications. A wide range of standard functions and multiple options can meet all kinds of your needs. Moreover, our veteran Haishi technicians devote themselves to meeting the special demands of the customers every day. High-quality Haishi injection molder features super low maintenance ratio, which can improve the productivity of the user substantially.

Exceptionally high precision and long service life.

The knuckle joint high speed clamping mechanism of the optimal design lowers the pressure stress at the joint, to ensure the exceptionally high precision and long service life of the machine.

Neutron/ height-adjustable camper control

Flexible neutron programming control and independent hydraulic pump station to supply power.

Extra-wide template design and larger mold scope

The high capacity and wide template design satisfies the scope of the customers’ choices of the mold to the maximum limit.

High precision temperature control

Precision stable control automatically adapting to temperature of charging barrel

High quality system central lubrication

High performance thin oil central lubrication, moving parts wearing lowered sharply and locating precision of mold kept for a long time.

Convenient product delivery

Take out plastic products from different places and use the equipment space efficiently, so it is suitable for the installation of different kinds of conveying equipment.

Clean working environment

Mobile waste oil cleaning tray makes it convenient to clean the waste oil in the die assembling area.

High-end controller

Use high performance full computer special controller with large window, color display and complete functions.